Instructions for use Flexumgel

Instructions for use Flexumgel

instructions for use Flexumgel

For a therapeutic effect of the gel has been maximum, you need to know how to use this medication. Follow the instructions in the original packaging with the gel.

Tool for quick recovery of joints should be applied on a clean skin. This helps to ensure a better the absorption of the gel of the epidermis. Rub the gel on the problematic area and around the with a circular motion until the tool is not completely absorbed. It is recommended to wrap the problems after the application of the drug, for the best time and the strengthening of the effect. The course of the application of a gel at 1 month. It is necessary to resume the course of the of the drug in six months,


Flexumgel - the drug of new generation for treatment of joints, you can use it not only to the reconstruction of the joint destruction, but also in as a prevention, to physical loads. It is necessary to apply the gel at the following symptoms:

  • The swelling, the deformation of the joints.
  • Increased sensitivity and pain, like when driving, and in a state of rest.
  • In the morning the stiffness of the members.
  • Dry crackling sound in the joints when driving.
  • Arthritis, osteoarthritis.
  • Low back pain, sciatica.

Contra-indications to the use of

An innovative formula Flexumgel contains only natural ingredients, therefore, the gel can be applied for the treatment of diseases of the Portugal. The only contraindication may be allergic to any of the ingredients the drug.