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  • Tomás
    Flexumgel helped very quickly to get out of bed after a fracture of the knee. A great tool, the only thing that can recover the joints, to my knowledge.
  • Maria
    With my arthritis without this gel anywhere. Each year, I spend the course of the preparation and of living a full life, although very suffered the pain.
  • Beatriz
    Buy for my mother, she has sciatica, and thanks to this tool, it becomes much easier, not only the pain goes away, but the stiffness, one can live with comfort.
  • Martim
    Perhaps, also, policy, useful in case of injury, I do weight training, you can easily something wrong. Although there are tools to recover quickly.
  • Diogo
    A very well-known in the west of the drug. We have found in the pharmacy, first of all was impressed, but it was wrong. Then, on the site ordered – the sky and the earth, in comparison with pharmacy. The pain as a hand relieves, swelling instantly goes out.
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